What is outdoor training?

Outdoor training is based around the philosophy of learning through experience while permanently acquiring knowledge and skills.

What makes outdoor training stand out?

People become more perceptive in environments they are not accustomed to. As a natural result of this, participants who are accustomed to classrooms and closed spaces become more open to acquiring and obtaining new skills and knowledge when they are outside and in nature. The change is not only visible, but also permanent.

Why Outdoor Training?

The object and purpose of outdoor training is to motivate employers and employees alike while working towards a more effective teamwork structure. Throughout the activities, the trainers focus on helping participants gain or improve important assets such as communication, cooperation and utilising solution based approaches. The most important aspect of the training is for the individual and the team to see how well they cope with different situations, which is made possible through feedbacks by the trainers.

Where can you do Outdoor Training?

Outdoor training can be done everywhere that transportation is possible. Based on this, outdoor training can be carried out wherever the participants go.

When is a good time for outdoor training?

There is no specific time or season for outdoor training. Activities are adapted to the requirements of the selected time.

How is Outdoor training done?

Activities carried out are tailored to the needs of the institution to achieve various pre determined goals. Participants are divided into small teams following a training with instructors. While the teams are being created, the dynamics and requirements in the workplace are taken into account. People can take part in different teams throughout the day and observe the dynamics that arise with different team-mates. The applied techniques include learning through experience.



Who can participate in outdoor training?

All corporate employees over 18 can participate in trainings.

What kind of activities take place in outdoor training?

The activities are divided in to three main categories namely; height, land and water parkour.

Are outdoor training activities safe?

All kinds of security measures are taken in to account for the trainings carried out by experienced trainers and professional companies.