Introduction to Management
Who should attend: Individuals who are moving into their first management role, or who have recently been promoted.It is also appropriate for individuals who are aspiring to their first management position.

Programme content

● Learning skils – the experiential learning cycle and how to use it.
● Self-awarensess – using self – review, peer feedback and observation.
● Leadership styles and leadership practice – situational leadership and functional leadership.
● Feedback skills – using feedback models and peer observation.
● Communication skills..
● Dealing with conflict.
● Team development and affective team-working.
● Personal impact on others..
● Continuous personal development and action planning – setting SMART goals..

Benefits to you and your organization

● More skills and strategies to manage others effectively and achieve bussiness targets.
● A greater awarensess of your own strengths and development areas as a manager, and pour impact on others.
● A better insight into the benefits of different leadership styles..
● The ability to communicate more clearly with peers, direct reports and managers.
● The ability to effectively manage your own continued development and the development of your direct reports.

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