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This programme gives teams time to reflect on issues away from the workplace. It enables members of existing teams to re-charge their batteries acknowledge current successes and look forward to future challenges. Time spent together, not at work, allows new and existing teams to celebrate and strengthen their team identity, working relationships and team spirit.


Who should attend

New or existing teams..


Programme content


Types of away-day programmes include:

● Team identity - defining the team's identity using a large-scale, action-packed team challenge event.

● Team motivation - rewarding the team's success involving a day of fun and challenging activities.

Team innovation - exploring the team's creative potential using projects that require original thinking.


Benefits to you and your organisation


Team identity

●  A stronger understanding of, and identification with, the team's personality.

●  A more powerful sense of belonging to the team.

●  A clear sense of team purpose and direction.


Team motivation

●  A strong sense of pride in being part of the team.

● Greater recognition of the team's achievements.

●  A powerful feeling of team spirit.


Team innovation

●  A multitude of ideas for improving both team and organisational performance.

●  A more productive process for creative thinking in the future.

●  Increased levels of inspiration.