Team Roles

Team Roles
Who should attend: Existing teams that need to review their performance and their continued development as a team. It is also appropriate for teams that need to re-focus or to bring in new team members.

This programme helps existing teams become higher-performing teams. It enables teams to recognise their key strengths and to plan strategically, and with confidence, for the challenges ahead. The programme consultant encourages teams to identify current obstacles to success and to explore ways to exceed present performance levels.

Programme content

●  The qualities of high performing teams – using a questionnaire to highlight team strengths and areas for development.
●  Team development and potential obstacles.
●  Visioning – exploring the team’s current state and reaching a consensus on its future ambitions.
●  Developing trust – understanding the importance of trust in leading and following within a team.
●  Team action-planning.

Benefits to you and your organisation

●   A re-engagement of team members in the team’s purpose.
●  Greater team effectiveness.
●  Better relationships between team members.
●  Enhanced levels of motivation and commitment.
●  An improved ability to anticipate and manage obstacles to success.

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