Team Spirit

Team Spirit
Who should attend: Project teams or newly-formed teams where team members need to rapidly develop their ability to work together effectively.

This programme enables new teams to quickly develop into high-performing teams. The programme provides a pragmatic approach to building effective communication and inter-personal skills within the team. New teams are provided with the opportunity to identify the unique skills which individuals bring to the team and to explore how these strengths can be harnessed to maximise the team’s potential.

Programme content

● Team development – understanding the stages that a team goes through, from formation to high performance, and recognising how to fast-track this process.
● Developing trust and support – encouraging challenge between team members to support more risk-taking behaviours.
● Valuing individual contributions.
 Building strong relationships within the team.
● Understanding the team’s objectives and identifying  how to achieve these.
● Developing a clear action plan to move the team forward.

Benefit to you and your organisation

● Accelerated and enhanced team effectiveness
● Greater commitment to the achievement of continued business result.
● Increased levels of trust and support between team members.
● An ability to harness the positive power of conflict and challenge.
● The capability for maximising the use of each team member’s abilities for the benefit of the team and the organisation.
● Increased levels of confidence amongst individuals about operating in a new team.

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